Shoulder Pain Treatment

Athletes who participate in sports involving repetitive overhead movements or constant swinging or throwing actions, and individuals whose occupations or hobbies involve repetitive overhead reaching or other repeated motions with the shoulder are at an elevated risk of developing shoulder injuries. Additionally, a single shoulder injury can have an impact on multiple muscles, ligaments, cartilage areas, tendons, and bones, which is why it is important to get immediate and effective shoulder pain treatment in Framingham, Massachusetts.

At MetroWest Physician Services, our orthopedic specialists and surgeons have the knowledge and skills to treat your shoulder injury and provide guidance for reducing the risk of future injuries. Some of the most common injuries or conditions that occur in the shoulder are frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability or dislocation, SLAP tears, tendonitis and bursitis, throwing injuries, and torn ligaments. Symptoms of a shoulder injury may include pain, swelling, numbness, tingling, weakness, changes in temperature or color, and changes in range of motion.

Whatever the cause of your shoulder pain, the orthopedic team at MetroWest Physician Services will provide you with an examination to determine the cause, diagnosis of the condition, and a plan for treatment so that you can resume normal use of your shoulder. Depending on how severe the shoulder injury is, treatment may range from at-home care and physical therapy, to surgery to repair the injury or replace the joint.

Injuries and disorders of the shoulder can worsen or lead to additional injuries, so it is important to seek professional treatment early for the best outcomes. Our orthopedic specialists, surgeons, and nurses will provide you with thorough and effective care for your shoulder pain so that you can get back to playing your sport or resume your daily activities. Call us today at (833) 609-6707 to schedule a consultation.